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Dramatization...our storage cave is much, much smaller!

Information & Fees:

When we receive your fiber we perform an initial cursory inspection.  We look to ensure the necessary colors have been sent to fulfill your order request and we also conduct a quick check for possible insect infestation.  The fiber is then weighed and all of this information is notated and attached to your order form.  If there is a discrepancy with the color or amount of fiber needed to complete your order we try to notify you either by phone or email prior to processing.  You are also welcome to initiate this correspondence.

After the above information has been notated, we reseal the bags and label it for storage in our small processing building.  If the fiber has been poorly bagged we will repackage it in a more durable bag.  If no order form accompanies the shipment we will contact you regarding your intentions. 


If we have not received an order within 45 days after receipt of your fiber it will be subject to a storage fee (listed below).  This fee will also be applied to any unused portion of fiber should you opt not to have all or your fiber processed at the same time.  Also, if you have placed an order and later cancel the order the storage fee may be applied which will begin 45 days after we first received your fiber. 



If, for instance, you send/deliver 100 lbs of fiber and within 45 days you place an order to use all of the fiber, the storage fee will not be applied. 


If after 45 days we have not received your order then the storage fee will begin to accrue and continue to accrue each month until your order is processed or other terms and conditions apply as specified in our Terms & Conditions policy.


If you place an order to use only 40 lbs of the the total 100 lbs, then the remaining 60 lbs of your fiber will be subject to the storage fee until another order is placed or all fiber is used.

If you have not placed an order after one (1) year then the fiber will become the property of Texas Handwoven Creations.


Applicable Storage Fees

Weight of Fiber   in pounds
Monthly Fee
up to 100 lbs
101 to 500 lbs
501 to 750 lbs
751 to 1000 lbs
Contact Us
Renee at (325)732-4370