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Instructions for Packing & Delivering Your Fiber

Please call us BEFORE sending or delivering more than 75 lbs of fiber to ensure we have available storage space.  If you do not make arrangements for the storage of your fiber prior to sending it to us, we may have to refuse delivery if we do not have enough space.

You must also ensure that EACH of your packages contains a completed
Sender Details sheet.  Simply click on the PDF link to the right to print out this form. 

Although this may seem redundant, quite often packages do not arrive at the same time.  Also there are times when return address information has not been provided on individual boxes.  Therefore we can not always rely on this as a means of identifying/cataloging shipments.  In these cases, we will place unidentified package(s) in 'unclaimed' storage for three (3) months.  During which time we will make every effort to associate the package with its owner.  Also, the storage charges will be applied as notated on the Storage Fees  page.  If after the three (3) month period the fiber remains unidentified and unclaimed, it will become the property of Texas Handwoven Creations.  You can keep this from happening by ensuring that EACH of your packages contains a Sender Details form.


Please read the Terms and Conditions document before placing an order.  The contents of this document may have been modified since your last review.  This document is very important as it defines what you can expect of us and what we expect of you.  Click on one of the links below to obtain this form.

     PDF form:                                                        (Note: if you don't have a PDF writer app you will need to print the form and write your order by hand) 




     Word doc:                                                        (Note: the file will be downloaded to your computer) 




Place your fiber into a plastic bag(s) and put them in a shipping container.  Compress the bag to remove as much air as possible.  Then tightly seal the bag, place as many bags as you can inside your box and put a "Sender Details" sheet inside EACH box.  You can also put the Terms & Conditions, Order Form, and deposit (if you're paying by check) inside one of the containers.  Or you can email these forms to us at  Number each box on the outside for easy accountability (example:  1 of 3,  2 of 3,  etc.)

If you're paying with a credit or debit card call us at (325)732-4370 to provide your information. 


          Send checks or letters to:         TEXAS HANDWOVEN CREATIONS

                                             P.O. Box 115,

                                             141 S. Roberts, Hwy 83

                                             Paint Rock, TX 76866

          Send UPS/FedEx packages to:      TEXAS HANDWOVEN CREATIONS

                                                141 S. Roberts, Hwy 83,

                                                Paint Rock, TX 76866



NOTE:  Large, over-sized peanut bags are very cumbersome for us to manage and take up a lot of space in our limited storage area.  Furthermore, when these bags are filled to capacity and are then opened, the fiber expands considerably.  This will then likely require us to place this excess fiber into plastic bags and boxes taking up even more storage space, employee time, and resources incurring extra handling costs.  So if at all possible, please try to avoid sending or delivering your fiber in this manner.  

Finished Product Packaging and Shipping Information:

Rugs will be rolled individually as tightly as possible, tied with twine, then wrapped in high-density plastic (usually two-layers).  The ends will be taped with top grade packing tape or tied-off with twisted wire. 

We will arrange for return shipping (details listed below) and notify you by either phone or email (or both) of your final costs, which will include: production costs (including any extra fees), applicable storage fees, packaging/handling charges, and shipping cost.

If you haven't done so yet, please read the "Terms and Conditions" document for important details about these fees and charges.

If, after at least three (3) attempts, we can not make contact with you, a monthly storage fee of 2% of the final product costs (excluding: shipping fees) will be assessed.  We will then send a registered/certified letter.  If this occurs you must contact us before sending payment as your final bill will need to be adjusted to reflect this storage fee.

Unless other shipping arrangements are made by the customer...the following shipping method will be used:

                     Packages shorter than eight (8) feet in length will be shipped by UPS Ground.

                     Packages OVER eight (8) feet in length can only be shipped by a Freight Carrier. 

                      -- We will provide you with up to 3 quotes from different Freight Carriers.

Note: All payment methods must clear and funds be deposited before any product will be shipped.  For personal checks and money; this may take up to 5 days. 
Contact Us
Renee at (325)732-4370
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