Our looms can fit product sizes from 1 foot to 12 feet wide. The length can be virtually unlimited. The chart below provides information about our standard sizes and the minimum amount of fiber needed for us to produce your desired 

product size.  

Unique & Special...

Because we do so many of our processes by hand your finished product is infused with the spinner and weaver's special techniques and personality.  This means that each product that we produce is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece. 

Choices, choices, choices... 


We have many design choices that should meet your desires. If you are not satisfied with our standard designs, consider customizing  your own pattern.*

If you are new to our services and uncertain about patterns, some of the most beautiful items produced are done so when the weavers are given creative freedom to make the best use of the yarn colors created for your order.

*Some restrictions and extra fees may apply. Check below for details. 

Our special touch...

After we receive your fiber we catalog it by noting the color(s) and its overall weigh.  Your order form is reviewed to ensure we've received enough fiber to process your request.  If all is o.k., we'll place the fiber, by color, in sealed plastic bags and then in boxes for storage.  We also place mothballs inside each box (but not touching the fiber) to deter insects.  The order is put into our queue for subsequent processing. 

Processing your fiber...

Our first step in processing your order is to ensure we have the proper amount and colors of fiber needed to complete your order.  Then we skirt and sort the fiber by hand to determine its quality and remove any large debris. The fiber is then placed in the picker which loosens matted fiber and opens the fiber which allows some smaller sized debris to fall out.  If required initial blending is also done here.  After this the fiber is moved to the carder. The carding process further opens the fibers, causing more debris to be dislodged.  In the final step of the carding the fiber is wound around up to 5 strands of jute twine creating the core for the yarn.   



Your product(s) are handmade with individual care and attention on looms that were designed and made on-site.  As a handwoven creation, each item is unique and may contain some variations in color, length, width and/or construction.  These variations add to the beauty and "uniqueness" of your product as no one item is exactly the same. 

and Finishing... 


Once your creation is woven and taken off of the loom, the finishing work takes place. If you have selected the "Fringe" option, the ends of your product is hand-tied with elegant poly/cotton tassles.  If you selected the "Bound/No Fringe" option, the ends are hand glued and pressed to ensure a strong adhesion.

Size Chart

Approximate  fiber weight needed for each standard size in Square feet.
Rug Size *
Square Feet
Pounds of Fiber
2 ft x 3 ft
3 ft x 5 ft
4 ft x 4 ft
4 ft x 6 ft
6 ft x 9 ft
8 ft x 10 ft
9 ft x 12 ft
10 ft x 12 ft
13" x 17"
Saddle Blankets 34" x 36"
9 oz
3.75 lbs
5 ft x 7 ft
Floor/Table  Runners
Made to order
Call us
12 ft x 14 ft
A minimum of 5 lbs is required to place an order.

Processing Details:

Orders outside the 'standard' width listed in the size chart are subject to a 10% charge to cover material loss and extra time associated with customizing the loom(s) to a non-standard size.

Unless there is a gross difference in the specified measurements and/or color scheme, we will not redo the finished product.

We no longer process "yarn only" orders.  We require at least 25% of any yarn produced to be made into finished product(s) at our facility.  Please contact us for further details.

The more contrast there is between the fiber colors, the better the pattern will show up on the base color of your finished product.

If you are sending dyed fiber for accenting you must send at least 2 pounds in order for us to have enough fiber to work with.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason.  We will typically only invoke this measure if we have experienced what we consider to be excessive difficulties with a customer or previous difficulty collecting payment for product.

Please download the convenient Order Form to help organize your thoughts. You may also contact us for assistance with the form and/or placing your order, if necessary.



    Word doc:                                                           

                          (Note: the file will not be displayed, but downloaded to your computer)    

After completing the form either place a copy in one of your fiber containers or email the completed form to us.

Upon completion of your order:

After we've completed your order we will contact you by phone and/or email to arrange shipping and settle payment.

We have very limited space so it is our goal to ship finished product as soon as possible.

-- Full payment is expected upon notification that your order is finished.

-- Your product WILL NOT be shipped until we have received payment in full.

-- If you qualify for TEXAS SALES/RESALE TAX EXEMPTION  please ensure that we have your exemption certificate form on file. (Note: when you click on the above link the form will be downloaded to your computer.)

-- We accept debit/credit cards, personal/bank checks, or money orders.  Make check or money order payable to:  Texas Handwoven Creations.

See our 'Policies' page for more specific information.

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