These saddle pads are tough, durable, and naturally water resistant.  We can
manage any size to fit your horse and they can be made with or without tassels.  They
can also be ordered in a variety of patterns.  Of course, as beautiful as these blankets
are, they still won't out-class your horse!  But they will certainly accentuate your steed's
natural beauty.  And the soft texture might even make your horse smile.  Ours did!

































Examples of some color variations of above patterns
saddle blanket_11_edited.jpg
saddle blanket_12_edited.jpg
saddle blanket_15.jpg
saddle blanket_16_edited.jpg
saddle blanket_18_edited.jpg
saddle blanket_19.jpg
saddle blanket_14.jpg
saddle blanket_17.jpg
saddle blanket_20.jpg
saddle blanket_21.jpg
saddle blanket_1.jpg
saddle blanket_6.jpg
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