We strive to create a product that both we and our customers can be proud of.  We also endeavor to create products that our customers can enjoy and cherish for many years to come.  To accomplish this goal your cooperation with the items listed below is necessary.  We hope by following these rules you can help us to ensure that you receive a quality end-product, keeping your costs to a minimum and ensuring the smooth processing of your fiber.
These policies are available in PDF format on our Terms and Conditions form.

  1. DO NOT send fiber that has been exposed to insects, insect eggs, contains excessive plant debris, or is contaminated with excrement or urine of any amount.  If we feel that we cannot process your fiber because of any of these conditions, we will attempt to contact you to determine if you'd like the fiber returned to you (at customer's expense) or if we should dispose of it. If we cannot contact you after a number of attempts we will dispose of the fiber.

  2. Please check your fiber for foreign debris (such as: unspent ammunition, shotgun casings, rope, wire, metal nails, syringes, halters, rocks, etc.) before shipping it.  Many of these items can pose a serious danger to our personnel and equipment.

  3. To ensure efficient processing and minimal fiber loss we recommend a staple length between 2” to 4”.  Be aware that there is always some fiber loss during the picking, carding, and spinning processes.  We take care to keep this loss to a minimum; however, there is always a certain degree of unavoidable loss.

  4. Multiple boxes of fiber sent by UPS, FedEx, and USPS sometimes do not arrive on the same day, therefore it is important to place a completed “Customer Information” form in EACH shipping container.  If it's more convenient you can write the information by hand on paper and include a sheet in each container.  This will help us from confusing your container with another customer's or keeping the fiber from going into our "unclaimed" storage area.

  5. Shipments that are received WITHOUT a verifiable return address and DO NOT a contain customer information sheet will be placed in our "unclaimed" storage area.  Fiber that is unclaimed for 180 days will become the property of Texas Handwoven Creations.

  6. Please use the Order form provided on the 'Resources' page to indicate the product sizes, quantity, pattern(s), and provide any specific instructions.  

  7. DO NOT send wet or damp fiber.  Allow any wet/damp fiber to dry thoroughly before packing & shipping.  We do not have the equipment or space to dry fiber.  If it is wet during shipping it will probably be felted and unusable when it arrives.

  8. A monthly storage fee, based on weight, will be charged if an order is not placed after one (1) month from receiving your fiber. Please see the 'Storage Fees' page for details.  This fee is only a charge for your fiber to occupy space within our very limited storage area. 

  9. If an order has not been placed for one (1) full year the fiber will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Texas Handwoven Creations

  10. Although we take some precautions to keep infestations and damage from happening we can not guarantee the condition of your fiber while it is stored with us.  This is the primary reason why we've set order and storage time restrictions.

  11. We do not assume responsibility for contacting you about placing an order or notifying you regarding the length of time your fiber has been at our facility.  Although we will often make attempt(s) to notify you of these pending issues, there are times when our work volume precludes use from monitoring the time-line of your fiber.  Therefore, to prevent storage fees, extra charges, or the abandonment of your fiber it behooves you to track the deadlines mentioned in items 8 and 9 closely.

  12. If your fiber must be skirted, picked, or carded multiple times because of excessive matting, dirty condition, or you've requested a particular blending of your fiber an additional processing fee of up to $3.00/pound may apply. 

  13. Because of warp material loss and extra time associated with customizing the looms for odd-width products (i.e. widths outside the standard sizes listed in the chart on the 'Size Chart' page), a 10% up-charge will be applied on all non-standard sized products.

  14. Our finished products are woven by hand making each item unique.  This also means that each product may have some variations in color, length, width, and/or design.  These variations are to be expected in a handwoven product and should be seen as part of the beauty and uniqueness of your new creation.

  15. Before submitting an order you must ensure that you are sending the needed amount of fiber and desired color(s).  Refer to the 'Size Chart' to estimate the minimum amount of fiber needed.  Please call us if you need assistance with this.

  16. A 50% deposit is required on certain orders before processing begins.  Your order will not be placed in the processing queue until we have received your deposit.  Please refer to the 'Pricing Information' page to estimate the deposit amount or you can call us for assistance.  

  17. Full and prompt payment is due upon notification of the completion of your order.  Your product will not be shipped until we have received full payment...no exceptions.

  18. If payment is not received after 14 days from the completion of your order, we will place the product(s) in storage and a 2% monthly storage fee will be assessed until payment is received.  Please contact us before sending your payment as your final invoice will need to be adjusted to include this extra fee.

  19. If we have not received full payment within 45 days from the completion of your order, we will determine how much, if any, of the order your deposit covers; after subtracting any extra fees, up-charges, applicable storage fees, handling fees, and shipping costs.  Any product covered by the remaining balance will be shipped to your address on record.  Product not covered by your deposit will become the property of Texas Handwoven Creations as payment.  If no deposit was required, then all product(s) will become the property of Texas Handwoven Creations.

  20. We are not responsible for damage or loss of fiber due to insects, excess debris/vegetation, fire, theft, flood or any type of natural disaster.  

  21. All prices and policies are subject to change without prior notice.  We will list any updates/changes in this document and at www.texashandwoven.com on the "Recent Updates" page before shipping your fiber.

         Ingrids Custom Hand Woven, Inc.  updated 03/2020