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Care and Cleaning
Good news: Your rug is designed for heavy usage!  Its' strong jute-core, poly cotton warp and tightly compressed wefts combine to make a product that will handle even the roughest usage for years to come.  This and the natural fibers create a surface that will make spills bead up so that liquid can be blotted and soaked up with a sponge or paper towel.  We recommend you obtain a quality anti-slip pad for your safety if you're using the product on a wooden, tile, concrete or other smooth surfaced floor.
For those customers who intend to simply display their custom product as tapestry or ornament, very little care and cleaning is required.  You should follow the vacuuming instructions below to remove the occasional buildup of dust and/or pollen.
If you plan to use your product on the floor, table setting, or horseback please follow these instructions for the proper care of your new high-quality product.
  -- Don't wait until it shows signs of soiling before cleaning.
  -- Vacuum your product with a 'smooth surface' attachment regularly.  Automated robotic vacuums are not recommended as they will 'eat' the fringe and possibly even loosen or tear the fibers from the edges of your rug. 
  -- If your product is used in high traffic area or receives a lot of use it will probably require more effort.  You may beat it (sledge hammers not recommended) to loosen the dirt.
  -- If beating doesn't remove the dirt, you can use a water hose or pressure sprayer.  Simply spray until the water runs clear.  Allow it to thoroughly dry before putting it back into service.  Here's a picture of a "old" rug in the middle of being power sprayed.
  -- Spots should easily be removed by lightly rubbing with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild soap, such as; Dawn, Woolite, or a baby shampoo. 
  -- Most liquid spills should bead-up on the fiber surface long enough to be easily soaked up with a clean sponge or paper towel.
  -- Your product can occasionally be dipped in a bath of mild soap as mentioned above, rinsed (even with a hose).
  -- Although it's usually not necessary, you may shampoo the entire surface in a like manner.  Although we've never tried this, we're told by one customer that he uses a power water sprayer (no soap) to clean his rugs. 
  -- Hang it outside and allow it to thoroughly dry in the sun before returning it to use.
Keep in mind that our products that are fringed has the added advantage of being reversible.  So you can simply turn the item over every so often  to help prevent any dirt from becoming trapped in the surface.  Of course, it will still need to be vacuumed at some point. 
The fact that the fibers are tightly wound around a jute-core and it is compressed under high pressure should keep any dirt from becoming entrapped within the fibers and between the yarn.  However, like any other product on the market, you should employ a maintenance routine if you truly want it to keep its' design and color in tact and extend the useful life of the product.
With the proper care you'll be able to enjoy its unique style and colors for many years to come.  And if your product is made from the fiber of your own animal(s), you can maintain this memento as a remembrance of your special baby in pristine condition when you hand it down to your children.
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