august 2020
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Find out how you can receive a 25% discount on a future order.

Update to Our Policies:

Our "Terms and Conditions" located on the 'Policies' page under the Home menu and also located in the "Forms" link under the 'Resources' tab has just been modified.  Please ensure that you take time to read this information.  Our aim is to make our shared experience as easy-going as possible while minimizing your costs.  We feel this can most easily be achieved if both of us have a good understanding of what to expect.  

Shop News:

We have made some improvements in our fiber processing as a result of a few changes to methods and
equipment modifications.  These changes come in the wake of a personnel changeover in our fiber processing mill, coupled with a re-evaluation of our processing techniques.  We're happy to report that we've reduced the amount of fiber loss to about 10% on most orders. 

Website News:

We've created a new "Product Showcase" page with a link located on the top menu heading.  This page contains in-home photos showing how our customers are enjoying our products.  If you would like to include a photo of how you're using our product just follow the email link provided at the bottom of any of the site pages.

A "Customer Forum" page has been added to provide a means for you to reach out to other customers near your location or who might be planning to pass through your area and might be willing to transport your fiber/product for you.  Through this page you can make the initial contact to have your fiber delivered to us or your finished product picked up from us, hopefully at a much lower cost than what you would pay with USPS, UPS, Fedex, or a freight carrier.  Of course you can also have individual or group conversations about your experiences with your favorite animals.

Another new page located under the 'Patterns' menu displays our "Signature Rug Collection," providing new and unique product patterns that are above and beyond our standard selection.

--- NEW update Regarding SURI ---

Since we posted the increased Suri charge almost a year ago we've had a change with our fiber processing personnel.  This has enabled us to become a bit more proficient with the handling and processing of all of your fiber (mentioned above).  As a result we've only had to apply the additional Suri charge twice in the last six Suri orders.  Therefore, we will apply the additional costs of $3.00/pound on a case-by-case basis and only if the fiber requires excessive handling and processing.  

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