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May 2024
- We are pleased to announce that we are accepting fiber on a limited basis again. We've been blessed to add three new employees to our team in order to continue providing services while we await a buyer for this unique heritage business.  Please contact us for details.
JANuary 2024
- We are still producing quality rugs and saddle pads as we await a buyer to continue the fine reputation of this business. However, we are presently focusing on special orders and weaving services rather than processing services for livestock producers. We remain committed to recruiting and training personnel with the intent of resuming full processing services later this year. If you would like to order a special heritage product please check out the "patterns page" and contact us for a quote.  Thank you
July 2023
- We are currently processing fiber received in 2022.  Since we have modified operations as a result of reduced labor force and heat, we are still not accepting fiber shipments.  Please check here for future updates.
- We are selling half-interest in this business.  Please click here for details.
- Our hours of operation have changed due to the heat index.  Hours: Monday - Thursday from 8:30 AM to Noon.  
december 2022
--  We are still NOT accepting fiber shipments at this time.
--  Our new hours of operation are:  Monday - Thursday: 9 AM - 3 PM
                                               Closed on Fridays
-- Please check with us before making a trip to our shop since we have limited staff and modified hours.
October 2022

--  We are still not accepting fiber shipments at this time.
--  Please plan for "at least" a 6 (six) month turn-around on all orders.
  Because of the increased costs of manufacturing supplies and associated shipping we are forced to increase our prices by .50 cents a sq. ft. on all products.
--  We will not ship any product until full payment is received.  If you are paying by personal check, this means your product will not be shipped until payment is received and the check has cleared.  This could add up to 3 days (not including weekends and holidays) after we have received your check, before we ship your goods.
--  We are presently under-staffed, so please bare with us as we make every effort to complete your order and get your product shipped to you as quickly as we can.  We know that this might cause some inconvenience for those who are planning to show/sell the product(s) at an event.  We can only apologize and tell you that we are trying our hardest to meet your needs.  You can help by:
    1.   Planning well in advance,
    2.  Ensuring that your order form is properly completed,
    3.  Keeping changes to a minimum.  Especially last minute changes,
    4.  Ensuring that you've signed and returned the Terms and Conditions form available on the "Forms"
page under the "Resources" tab,
    5.  And making prompt payment when you receive your invoice.

  And lastly, we are discontinuing our signature line of rugs.
August 2022

We are presently understaffed because of the heat and overwhelmed with fiber.  Please hold all shipments of your fiber until further notice. Also, our current lead-time is approximately 5-6 months.  We appreciate your business and we will make every effort to close the gap as quickly as possible. 
June 2022

We are working sporadic hours during the summer months.  Please call before coming to the shop to ensure we're open.
We will be closed from 11 July to 18 July.  We have had issues with UPS returning packages to the sender if it's in their possession for longer than 3 days.  To avoid this possibility, please do not send your fiber until after July 18th.  Additionally, we have limited storage area, so please call us to ensure we have the required space before sending any fiber.
August 2021
We are accepting fiber delivery:  We are once again be accepting fiber delivery.  Remember that we have limited storage space so please call us before sending more than 50 pounds of fiber.  If you send us a large amount of fiber without our prior approval and we do not have adequate storage space, we may refuse delivery and your entire shipment will be returned to you at your cost.  To ensure this does not happen, please call us at (325)732-4370 before shipping!
Freight/Shipping: Beware that freight costs have increased.  As always we will make an effort to find the best rates.  Additionally, we have received notice that some customers have experienced damage(s) and/or other problems with their shipment, freight shipments in particular.  Therefore, we would recommend the following:
      1.  Thoroughly inspect your packages BEFORE accepting delivery from the carrier.
       2.  If you suspect that your product is damaged, open the package(s) -- with the carrier present.
      3.  Take pictures of any damage(s) to the packaging and/or product(s).
      4.  Notate any damage(s) or issues on the shipping document(s) BEFORE accepting delivery.
      5.  Ensure the delivery person signs/acknowledges the damages on the shipping documents.
      6.  Obtain a copy of the shipping documents.
Please be aware the we can only serve as a mediator between you and the freight/shipping company.  Shipping companies will not accept/approve a claim without proper documentation of the issue.  Therefore, you must ensure that you follow the above recommendations and provide this information to us so that we can make a claim on your behalf.  Please keep in mind that providing claim documentation does not guarantee that the shipping company will accept the claim.  We have no control of the outcome of your claim.
july 2021

Fiber Shipments:  Because of limited storage space we are not accepting fiber shipments until further notice.

Price increase:  As of 1 July 2021 all product prices have been increased by $1.25 per square foot.  We have maintained our prices since March 2018; however, due to nationwide increases in raw materials and freight costs, as well as an increase in labor costs we regrettably must make this change.  All orders received after July 1 are subject to this increase.

june 2021
2021 Summer Hours:    Between  JUNE 1 - AUGUST 31  our store hours are from 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  We will be closed on Wednesdays and every other Friday
                          march 2021

Update to Our Policies:

We update our "Terms and Conditions," located on the 'Policies' page under the Home menu and also located in the "Forms" link under the 'Resources' tab, periodically.  Please ensure that you take time to read this information.  Our aim is to make our shared experience as easy-going as possible while minimizing your costs.  We feel this can most easily be achieved if both of us have a good understanding of what to expect.  

Website News:

We've updated our "Patterns" pages for all of our products.  We hope they present a better picture of our standard selections.  Always keep in mind though, that the colors for these patterns can be modified by you based on your fiber color(s).  Particularly if you have dyed colors that you would like to use for a one-of-a-kind rug, placement, or saddle pad.


Checkout our "Signature Collection" page if you would like something extra special.  And don't forget that you can also create your own pattern design.*

* Subject to approval

Contact Us
Renee at (325)732-4370
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