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We create beautiful and unique products from alpaca, llama, buffalo, wool, and mohair natural fibers.  Our services include skirting, picking, carding, yarn spinning, and weaving.  All of our yarn is core-spun with two to five strands of 40 pound tensile strength natural jute.  This is used by our weaving artists to make "hand woven" finished products such as rugs, runners, wall hangings, placemats, and saddle pads.  We can also create custom products made to your specifications.  This might include a rug with special colors, a pattern that you've designed, or using our unique yarn for you to weave your own creation*.

Rugs & Runners

Our rugs and runners are made with 5 strands of jute. They are handmade on unique looms which makes them "Texas tough."  Floor runners come in 2 or 3 foot widths** to any length you need.*** Our thick core-spun yarn makes our rugs exceptionally durable. You can choose to have them finished with fringe (shown above) or with bound ends.  With proper care (ref Care and Cleaning page) our rugs can stay in excellent condition after 20 - 25 years of use!  We have a large selection of patterns to choose from or we can work with you to customize* a special design.

Placemats & Table Runners


Our standard placemat size is 14" x 17".  Table runners are made in 14" widths** to any length you desire for your table***.  We can produce matching table runners to go with your placemats or make a runner designed by you.  Either way, they will be a beautiful and natural accent to any table. They can be ordered with fringe or bound edges.  Alpaca/Llama fiber has very little oils (lanolin) yet is naturally water repelling makes them easy to clean.  This combined with our many pattern selection (or your own design*) will make you the envy of your friends.  Our placemats can also be utilized for other purposes. Our customers tell us that they have used them as sitting pads to keep their derriere dry, warm, and comfortable; pet pads, car seat pads, and laptop pads. 

Saddle Pads



These 34" x 36" pads*** are soft and thick.  The use of Alpaca/Llama makes these pads naturally moisture-wicking and because these fibers have fewer scales, the pads are soft.  Our saddle pads are made with the same jute core to make them extra durable and long lasting.  We offer a selection of patterns that will be certain to satisfy owner and horse!


* Customer designs must be evaluated by us before approval

** Floor and table runners can also be special ordered to other sizes.

*** Because our products are handmade there is typically some variance in dimensions.

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