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A 50% deposit is required for orders in excess of 40 lbs (approximately 100 sq ft).  To calculate this amount:

- Multiply the approximate pounds of your fiber by 2.66.

- Then multiply the product from the above operation by either $13.50 for standard orders.

- Now divide this by 2.

   Example:   40 lbs x 2.66 = 106.40

                  106.40 x $12.00 = $1276.80

                  $1276.80 / 2 =  Deposit amount: of $638.40

Please keep in mind that this is just an "approximate" calculation.  Your final payment will be more than this to include: the remaining balance, handling fees, any up charges, any applicable storage fees, extra costs for special effects or orders (if applicable), and shipping fees.

If your fiber requires excessive sorting, mixing, skirting, or other preparations in order for us to begin the picking and/or carding process, additional fee(s) will be assessed.

If your fiber must be picked or carded multiple times because of excessive matting, dirty condition, or you've requested a particular blending of colors an additional processing fee of up to $3.00/pound will be charged.

Standard products = $12.00/square foot ***

We have a fairly wide selection of 'standard' patterns to choose from. 

Custom products = $18.75/square foot ***

-  Any rug pattern or size which is not a standard pattern or listed in the 'Size Chart' is considered to be a custom product.  

-  If you design your own pattern you must ensure that you send the appropriate fiber amount and color(s).  All custom designs must be reviewed by us for feasibility before we begin production.

-  The price per square foot may vary depending on the complexity of the pattern.

-  Please contact us if we can assist in making the vision of your uniquely special product a reality.

Special Orders (NO FIBER OWNED) = call for pricing ***

If you would like one of our products specially made just for you but have no fiber, we can accommodate.  Just give us a call or email us and we'll help you workout the details.  We may even already have an item in stock that meets your size and style requirements.

Before calling, please check out the Size Chart so you can estimate the quantity of fiber needed.

Please keep in mind that we usually only have a limited supply of stock fiber and fiber colors on-hand.  However, we obtain fiber periodically so if we don't have the needed fiber in stock at the time of your request, chances are good that it'll be available in the near future.  Contact us for details.


These special effects are additional costs to the categories listed above.

     - Gradient color effect (producing an overall fading effect) - $1.50/sq. ft.

     - Overlay texture of colors - $1.50/sq. ft.

     - Rag rug design - $5.25/sq. ft.

     - Heather blend - $1.75/sq. ft.


     - Store stock dyed color yarns for accents or stripes - $2.50 / Linear foot


       *** All prices are subject to change without notice.  Up charges may apply to services, custom & special orders,

                and expedited service. 

Contact Us
Renee at (325)732-4370
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