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Texas Handwoven Creations, is a DBA of Ingrid's Custom Hand Woven, Inc.   We are a small business employing between 8 and 12 employees housed in three stone buildings that are each over 100 years old.  We're located near the intersection of Highways 83 and 380 in Paint Rock, Texas which is approximately 30 miles due East of San Angelo, Texas.  The population of Paint Rock is around 287 souls.  The business has been located here since 1978.  
Visit  History of Paint Rock   to read about the town and surrounding area.
Originally, Ingrid's made and sold hand-made wooden looms branded as 'Haas Looms'.  Later, they began weaving wool and mohair products.  At some point, they stopped making looms and focused strictly on processing fiber and weaving rugs.  In 2009 the focus was shifted from wool/mohair to alpaca, llama, and buffalo fiber.  We still process these and some other natural fibers today; making rugs, placemats, floor and table runners, wall hangings, and saddle pads.
We have customers from all over the United States and a few in Canada.  And as far as we can tell, we are the only business in the U.S. that creates an all-natural jute core spun yarn and produces a hand woven finished product.
Article and short videos about us:   
                           San Angelo Live News:
                           YouTube VIDEO from 2011 showcasing the business and one of its former partners:
                           "Texas Off the Beaten Path®: Discover Your Fun" by June Naylor, page 241

Contact Us
Renee at (325)732-4370
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