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Customer Exchange
Disclaimer:  This forum is being provided for customers to make contact with each other for the purpose of making arrangements to move their fiber to us and/or their product from us outside the conventional shipping methods as a means of reducing shipping costs. 
This page is provided as, and only as, an unsecured public forum.  We are not and will not act as a mediator, broker, or coordinator between you and any individual.  We do not endorse, in anyway, the individuals whom you may make arrangements or agreements with.  We do not assume responsibility whatsoever for the transportation, security, or costs of any fiber/product shipped to or from our facility by these means, with the exception mentioned below under "having product picked up at our facility."
It is strongly advised that you do not put your personal information, such as: full name, address, driving directions, phone number, or any other identifiable information on this forum as it is open to the general public and not secure.  We recommend that you provide only an email address or a link to a more secure forum where such information and detailed arrangements can be made.
Shipping fiber to our facility:
Remember to follow all instructions for packing and delivering your fiber which are located in the "Shipping Info" page under the 'Product Details' menu.  
Having product picked up at our facility by an individual:
We WILL NOT release any product to any individual, even if they have arrived at our facility for pickup, without the prior "written" approval of the purchasing customer and only if all accounts have been settled. 
We will not accept verbal notification of any arrangements or agreements you have made.
Approval can either be given by email (which must match the customer's email address on record) or by mailed letter received directly from the customer.  The email/letter MUST include: the customer's full name, address, phone number, the name of the individual picking up the product and their license plate number. 
The individual picking up the product will also be required to fill out and sign a product  form before any product is released.
Through use of this forum you agree to indemnify and hold-harmless Texas Handwoven Creations from any mishaps, disagreements, theft, or damages experienced as a result of any arrangements or agreements you have made with another party. 
By entering this forum you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the
above conditions AND the terms and conditions specified on the "Policies" page.
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