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We process natural fiber including alpaca, llama, buffalo, wool, and mohair.  Our services include skirting, picking, carding, and spinning from two to six strands of jute to make a core-spun yarn that is handwoven into finished products such as rugs, runners, wall hangings, placemats, and saddle pads.  We also create custom products made to your specifications.  This might include a rug with special colors, a pattern that you've designed*, or yarn for you to weave your own creation.**

Rugs & Runners

Our rugs are made from 5 strand core-spun yarn from the colors of your fiber.  They are handmade - "Texas tough."  And with proper care, our rugs are known to stay in excellent condition after 20 - 25 years of use!  We have a large selection of patterns to choose from or we can work with you to customize a special design you have in mind.

Placemats, Runners, & Pads


Our standard sized mats are 14" x 17."  They are a beautiful and natural accent to any table.  We also produce coordinating or matching table runners.  There are many stylish patterns to choose from and can be ordered with fringe or bound edges.. 


Saddle Pads



These 34" x 36" pads are soft and thick. 

They're durable, wear well, are naturally moisture-wicking and will last many years.  We offer a wide selection of patterns that will be certain to satisfy owner and horse!

* Customer designs must be evaluated by us before approval

** Refer to our 'processing details' section under the "Product Details" page

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